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Integrated Community Employment

Supported Employment

One of the programs that VITAL Services offers is Integrated Community Employment (ICE). This program helps the individuals we serve gain competitive employment in the community. We provide 1 on 1 training to best suit every person that is in the ICE program. Job coaches help teach work and social skills while providing transportation so that persons can fill out applications, go to interviews, follow possible job leads and learn social skills during mock interviews. We also encourage pursuing volunteer positions while job searching so individuals can learn important skills while getting the opportunity to work in the community. Job coaches are trained specifically to each person’s needs, desires and wants. This ensures that each individual receives the best possible opportunity to find not just a job, but one that gives them the best chance to succeed. We work directly with Vocational Rehabilitation to provide assessments so we can narrow down positions that will be the best fit for each person we serve.
Below are some of the vocational sites that our individuals volunteer or work at:
• Lincoln Children’s Zoo
• University of Nebraska-Lincoln
• The Aura
• 9th Street Chargrill
• Russ’s Market
• Tabitha Health Care
• Meals on Wheels
• Campbell’s Nursery
• Lincoln Food Bank
• Bryan LGH Hospital
• Panera Bread
• Lincoln Action Program
• Lincoln City Libraries
• Valentino’s
• Center for People in Need
• CiCi’s Pizza
• The Egg and I