Anonymous Grievance or Complaint

                           All complaints or grievances are taken very seriously.

VITAL Services, Inc. believes that every person served has the right to receive the best possible services.  However, if the person served, family, legal representative or other team members have a complaint about the services being received, the following procedure will be instituted by VITAL Services, Inc. to resolve the complaint.

Individuals, guardians/family, legal representatives or other ISP team members wishing to do so may submit this complaint form anonymously.  The only required field is the complaint portion.  VITAL Services encourages the sender to provide as much information as possible when submitting a complaint or grievance.  It is helpful to VITAL administrators to be able to follow up on the information or speak to the people involved to help resolve the situation.

You should be aware that the information provided will be sent to the VITAL QID who will ensure that the VITAL agency internal complaint/grievance policy is followed.